I took my one and only photography class in 1968 while I was in college. Since then, seeing the world through the camera lens has been my passion, and my camera has opened many doors and taken me on many journeys.

This website is based on my concept of "Close to Home."  If you take the time to look closely in your backyard, neighborhood, or community you will discover marvelous sights and meet interesting people along the way. I do this exploration through the lens of my camera.   The website shows you what I have captured since moving to Chapel Hill, NC in 2005. 

Unlike most photography websites, I haven't limited my selection to my absolute best photos. My goal here is to share an experience or tell a story-- accomplishing that, for me, takes more then a few photos.

The creation of this website is my way of giving back to the many special people and places I have experienced living here.